Happy New Year St Ives 2012/2013!!!


New Years Eve is quite a big thing in St Ives. Hundreds of people flood the town at night, dressed up in weird and wonderful costumes. This year I made sure I had my camera to capture some of the magic.

Heres to 2013, I wonder what it might bring??? 😉


Spain October 2012

I’ve finally got around to going through photos from our trip to Spain back in October. Unfortunately November was so busy I didn’t get time to write a post about it and it seems a bit late to do it now.

So here’s a few selected photos from our trip.


Image of the day

This one also goes back to 2005. This is a shot from the opening ceremony for the UIAA World Youth Championships held in Bejing, China. There were two of these dragon characters each with two men inside. It was amazing to see, some of the tricks they did without really seeing what they were doing were unbelievable.

Not only was this one of the best competitions I have been to but it was also my best result internationally, finishing up in 15th place.

Image of the day

This one goes back a few years to 2005. I was competing at an EYC (European youth cup) in Slovenia. Being young, stupid and wanting to climb anything Tyler Landman decides to start warming up on a wall outside of our accommodation. Normally someone climbing a wall wouldn’t really be that exciting but I just love his shadow.

Happy climbing!

Image of the Day

I’m not so good at keeping my blog up to date. I guess, I don’t have the time to write about what I’m doing all of the time. And plus, your probably just get bored anyway. So I’ve stolen a little idea from a good friend of mine.   Il try to post a photo every now and then with a little description on what it’s about. Also it will be good for me to start digging through the archives to see what I can find.

Who better to start with than the man whom I stole the idea from.

Matt strutting his stuff, Back Bowden Doors

Fortunately Matt doesn’t dress like this all of the time, only on special occasions. On this occasion it was his stag do, up in Northumberland.


“Shoot” timer-remote/ Roast dinner time lapse

I just got my “Shoot” timer-remote today. This is a cable remote that you can set to control your camera to take picture every second for 10 minutes, for example.

"Shoot" timer-remote

As it was a cloudy dark night I decided to shoot my first time-lapse of cooking my roast dinner. As you can see It came out ok. 😀

Music:  Far Too Loud – Ready For The Stomping